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SONS - Elite Splash Jacket & Gilet

SONS - Elite Splash Jacket & Gilet

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Mizuno's splash jacket and gilet are designed to keep you warm and dry, so you can continue training, whatever the weather.

The Elite Splash Jacket is lightweight, made out of 'zero-wind', water and windproof fabric with vented panels to the underarm.

The Gilet is made out of soft shell fabric to the back for warmth, with a quarter zip to the front.

Both items have been body fitted to international athletes, being broad accross the shoulders and leaner through the body.

  • Available in a men's and women's fit
  • Please note, this garment is designed as a slim fit, to just fit over an AIO and baselayer, if you wish to have space for more layers underneath, we recommend ordering up a size
  • 100% polyester
  • Turnaround time for Mizuno kit is approximately 7-9 weeks from the close of the order window

Please note, the true price of the splash jacket is £95.50 and the gilet is £77.50. All Mizuno items have had a set up fee of £12.50 added to the price. If the minimum order of 10 items is reached, this additional charge will be refunded to the athlete at the end of the kit window.



    • All items will be shipped directly to your club and distributed from there. 
    • Delivery for Square Blades sweatshirts, hoodies, quarter zips, midlayers, joggers, tees, vests, polos, hats and bags will be approximately 3-4 weeks after the close of the order window.
    • Delivery for Square Blades zephyrs, custom fleeces, training tees, training vests, baselayers and sliders will be approximately 4-6 weeks after the close of the order window.
    • Delivery for Mizuno kit will be approximately 6-8 weeks after the close of the order window.
    • However, orders may take a little longer due to events out of our control and we cannot guarantee this. Rest assured we'll work as hard as we can to process and manufacture your order as quickly as we can, and contact you, or the club, if there is a problem or delay.


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